Hand Drawn Portraits from Photos

Transform your favourite photos into personal hand drawn pencil portraits from photos

Pencil Drawings of People and Pets from Photos

Hand drawn portraits from photos UK. Exquisite, meaningful works of art drawn with nothing more than my trusty studio drawing pencil and drawing pad. I am a self-taught pencil artist with decades of experience producing pencil drawings from photos.

Hand Drawn Portraits from Photos
Drawings of Mothers and Babies
Pet Portraits from Photos

How Much is Hand Drawn Portrait?

Pencil Portraits price starts from £69 – go to my price page for the full price list.

Photos for Drawing Portraits in Pencil

There is nothing I love more than transforming my clients’ meaningful photographs into hand drawn portraits that capture the unique features of the subject. We live in an age where we can create beautiful digital pictures in just one click. If you seek something a little more creative, personal, and memorable, I can provide the perfect photorealistic drawings from photos that capture the likeness, mood, and personality of the subjects.

The photograph(s) you send to me should be clear and sharp. It is essential to understand that the photo’s quality and clarity will favourably influence the ultimate level of detail I can achieve; therefore, a bright and focused picture will allow me to create a realistic drawing.

Having drawn hundreds of drawings from photos for my customers in the United Kingdom and worldwide, I can generously lend my creative hand to any person, animal, vehicle, building or landscape that undoubtedly means something to you or a loved one. Many people worldwide place orders with me as gifts for loved ones, and I would be glad to draw a unique sketch to serve as a memorable gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

There are many talented portrait artists in the UK. Still, I know exactly how important it is to discover the appropriate artist – one who can accurately deliver the exact style you are after.


I turn photos into drawings to create the best pencil portraits. Each drawing is a photorealistic capture of the subject, typically without a background. My goal is to capture the essence of every subject, bringing their personality and likeness to life with every pencil stroke. You can see samples of my work on Pinterest, where I share a variety of my hand drawn portraits from photos of people, pets and animals.

How to Order/Commission Pencil Portraits

Ordering your pencil drawing couldn’t be easier – it’s a simple three-step process. I take a 20% deposit, which is when you’ll submit your photographs via my order form. I’ll check the quality to make sure it’s workable before I get started on your artwork. You’ll receive an image of the pencil sketch to approve once it’s done and dusted. After your remaining balance is paid, your pencil drawing will be safely on its way to you.

Hand Drawn Pencil Portraits

The beautiful aesthetic that pencil drawings can portray is something extremely rare and unique, which is why I’ve made it my purpose to produce some of the most elegant and striking picture drawings to capture every feeling. Pet portraits in pencil drawn from photos is also unique and can be a great gift for any occasion.

When it comes to art, I am a firm believer in the value of every detail, and it is because of this unique approach that I am able to produce the highest-quality, photo-realistic portraits and image drawings for any client who puts their faith in me.

UK Delivery Black White Portrait for Personal Gift

Pencil drawings are a personal gift that you can give to someone special for their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or any life milestone. I create my drawings in A6 to A3 size – making them ideal for framing in your home and displaying for everyone to see.