Pencil Portrait Drawings from Photos

Pencil Portrait Gallery of Pets, Animals and People

Drawings from photos of people, pets, animals, buildings and other subjects. I draw exactly what I see in the photograph and typically exclude the background from the specific subject – unless you have expressly requested me to include the backdrop. The desired result is a drawing that accurately captures the likeness, character, and mood of the subject. Click on the image to go to the gallery.

Pencil Drawings

Drawings began as a hobby and passion for me, and they have since grown into a full-time job. I began to specialise in pencil after honing my creative skills. I collaborate closely with my clients to help them bring their images to life and make the best drawings from photographs that they can keep forever.


I turn photos into drawings. Pencil drawings are drawn with Ivory black drawing pencils, and the background is excluded. The final result is a photorealistic pencil drawing of people and pets.



Drawing Ideas - The Train Station Greet


Pencil Portrait of a Woman


Drawing of a House