Drawings of Horses

Drawings of Horses from Photographs.

Drawings of Horses


Drawings of horses are drawn on an extra smooth drawing pad with an ivory black drawing pencil. I draw exactly what I see in the photograph and exclude the background. The desired result is a drawing that accurately captures the likeness, character, and mood of the subject.

Hand Drawn Pencil Portraits of Horses

The beautiful aesthetic that pencil portrait drawings can portray is something extremely rare and unique, which is why I’ve made it my purpose to produce some of the most elegant and striking picture drawings to capture every feeling. Pencil portraits of horses drawn from your photograph are also unique and can be a great gift for any occasion.

When it comes to art, I am a firm believer in the value of every detail, and it is because of this unique approach that I am able to produce the highest-quality, photo-realistic portraits and image drawings for any client who puts their faith in me.

Pencil Drawings of horses from photographs supplied by you.