Drawings of People

Pencil Drawings of People from Photos

Drawings from Photos of People

Discover the beauty and detail of my hand-drawn pencil portraits of people from photographs service. I view your favourite photographs of people and meticulously hand-draw them, capturing every detail and expression. Each drawing is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is sure to be treasured for years to come. I specialize in creating detailed pencil drawings of people, focusing solely on the subject, and excluding any background distractions. Trust me to bring your photographs to life with my unique drawings of people from photos.

How I Draw

My method to draw the best drawings from photographs is to draw exactly what I see in the photos, except for the background, unless you specifically request that I add it. The goal is to create a drawing that accurately depicts the subjects’ appearance, personality, and mood. Photos with a good resolution are preferred, the larger the number, the better!

I also draw portraits of people from individual photos onto size A6, A5, A4, A3 or A2 drawing pads, creating family pencil portraits. Pet photos are another possibility.

My hand-drawn pencil portraits of people are delivered unframed as standard; however, I am happy to frame the pencil portrait for you. Please select a frame from my frames page by clicking on the link in the footer. I can provide this service from an online source, saving you a lot of time and hassle doing it yourself.

If you do choose to include a frame with your order, the pencil portrait will be delivered neatly inserted into the frame and carefully wrapped for maximum protection.

Drawings of People


Photographs are my number one source of inspiration for the best drawings from photographs. Whether it’s a pencil sketch of people from photos or a group of people that someone has captured during a special occasion, you’ll never be short of inspiration for your drawings. There’s something special about drawings of people’s faces. It captures a moment in time in a unique way while adding a touch of personality. You can see samples of my work on Facebook and Pinterest, where I share a variety of my pencil portraits based on photographs.

Separate Photos

My work focuses on monochromatic and realistic pencil portraits of people. Your drawing’s subjects do not need to be in one photograph, I can work off separate photos to create a unique family or group portrait that brings together everyone in your life. These styles of pencil drawings are popular for wedding and birthday gifts.

Ordering Drawings from Photos

Ordering pencil drawings couldn’t be easier – it’s a simple three-step process. I take a 20% deposit, which is when you’ll submit your photographs. I’ll check the quality to make sure it’s workable before I get started on your artwork. You’ll receive an image of the pencil drawing from the photo to approve once it’s done and dusted. After your remaining balance is paid, your pencil drawing will be safely on its way to you.