Order Form

Complete Order Form and click on submit button then you will be forwarded to PayPal to pay 20% deposit.

Please upload original image & size of photo. The photograph(s) you send to me should be clear and sharp. The quality and clarity of the photo will influence how much detail I can include in the pencil portrait. A clear and focused photo will allow me to create a realistic pencil portrait.
Pencil portraits will take between 1 to 8 weeks to complete depending on size & workload or I will complete near to the date you require the pencil portrait(s). (PLEASE ALLOW 2/3 days for delivery)

If you will be taking a photo, please use a good camera or the latest phone/tablet cameras. Photos taken outside in daylight is preferable, close to your subject and at eye level.

I can also take people or pets from individual photos and combine them to create a group or family portrait.

Each drawing is sprayed with gloss varnish which forms a colourless glass clear coating, as a result this prevents smearing and smudging.