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To commission/order a pencil portrait of your family, friend or favourite pet to be treasured for years to come, please complete my order form below and click submit button, you will then be forwarded to paypal where you can pay the non-refundable 20% deposit. I will confirm receipt as soon as I receive confirmation from paypal.

The photograph(s) you send to me should be clear and sharp. The quality and clarity of the photo will influence how much detail I can include in the pencil portrait. A clear and focused photo will allow me to create a realistic pencil portrait.

I can only draw what I see, therefore if the details are blurry or of low quality, the pencil portraits will reflect this. I would prefer high-resolution photos – the higher the better. To prevent smearing and smudging I also spray each portrait with gloss varnish which forms a colourless glass clear coating.


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(allow 2/3 days for delivery)