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Drawings from photos of people, pets, animals and buildings. I draw exactly what I see in the photograph and exclude the background. The desired result is a drawing that accurately captures the likeness, character, and mood of the subject. Hand-drawn pencil portraits drawn from a photograph supplied by you online.

Complete my order form to commission a unique pencil portrait drawing from your photograph.

Drawings from Photos

My method to draw the best realistic pencil drawings from photographs is to draw exactly what I see in the photos, except for the background, unless you specifically request that I add it. The goal is to create a drawing that accurately depicts the subjects’ appearance, personality, and mood. Photos with a good resolution are preferred, the larger the number, the better!

I also draw family portraits from individual photos onto size A6, A5, A4, A3 or A2 drawing pads, creating family pencil portraits. Pet photos are another possibility.

My hand-drawn pencil portraits are delivered unframed as standard; however, I am happy to frame the pencil portrait for you. Please select a frame from my frames page by clicking on the link in the footer. I can provide this service from an online source, saving you a lot of time and hassle doing it yourself.

If you do choose to include a frame with your order, the pencil portrait will be delivered neatly inserted into the frame and carefully wrapped for maximum protection.

Pencil Sketch Drawings of an Angel


Pencil Drawings of Animals and Lion Drawing


Proposal Pencil Portrait


Bike Rider Drawing

Bike Rider

Pencil Drawing

These drawings started as a hobby and passion of mine that turned into a full-time career. After sharpening my creative skills, I started to specialise in pencil portraits. I work closely with my clients to help them bring their photographs to life and create the best drawings from photographs in a way that allows them to cherish them forever.

Ordering Pencil Portraits

Ordering your pencil drawings couldn’t be easier – it’s a simple three-step process. I take a 20% deposit, which is when you’ll submit your photographs. I’ll check the quality to make sure it’s workable before I get started on your artwork. You’ll receive an image of the pencil sketch to approve once it’s done and dusted. After your remaining balance is paid, your pencil drawing will be safely on its way to you. Order Form