Price List for Pencil Portraits

Price list for size A6, A5, A4 and A3 drawings of people and pets from photographs.

Pencil portrait drawings from photographs supplied by you. I also draw pets including farm animals, excluding the background.

The prices listed below are for standard-size pencil portraits, the drawing will be with head and shoulders on an extra smooth surface drawing pad with a white background, and it does not include frames or postage/packaging. A whole-body pencil portrait will incur a cost of 20% more for size A4 and 25% more for size A3. If you need a square-size pencil portrait, please contact me with the dimensions and I will give you a quote. An initial 20% deposit is required, with the remaining 80% to be paid upon completion.

If you require an A2-size pencil portrait drawing, please contact me with a copy of the original photo. The photographs you sent me must be of excellent quality. If you are unsure, send me an email with the photos and I will let you know if they are appropriate. Please keep in mind that a size A2 pencil drawing will take some time to complete and that ample notice is required; two to three months is preferable.

Unframed Size A2 pencil drawings will be rolled and inserted into a tube before being shipped via Royal Mail.

Size A6

105 x 148 mm

  • 1 Subject: £69 (20% Deposit £14)
  • —-
  • —–
  • ——

Size A5

148 x 210 mm

  • 1 Subject: £99 (20% deposit £20)
  • 2 Subjects £149 (20% deposit £30)
  • —-
  • —–
  • ——

Size A4

210 x 297 mm

  • 1 Subject: £145 (20% deposit £29)
  • 2 Subjects: £185 (20% deposit £37)
  • 3 Subjects: £219 (20% deposit £44)
  • 4 Subjects: £249 (20% deposit £50)
  • —–
  • ——

Size A3

297 x 420 mm

  • 1 Subject: £199 (20% deposit £40)
  • 2 Subjects: £249 (20% deposit £50)
  • 3 Subjects: £289 (20% deposit £58)
  • 4 Subjects: £315 (20% deposit £63)
  • 5 Subjects: £345 (20% deposit £69)
  • 6 Subjects: £369 (20% deposit £74)

Price subject to change without notice

Price List for Pencil Portraits

Commission Drawing

If you are interested in commissioning me to draw pencil portrait drawings from photos, please view my price list above and fill out my order form.

To secure your order, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required. When you complete my order form and click the submit button, you can pay a deposit. I use Stripe to accept all major debit and credit cards. When I receive the completed order form, I will respond as soon as possible to confirm receipt.

A framing service is also available: Frames

Postage & Packing

Pencil portraits are carefully packaged in padded envelopes and then sent via Royal Mail or Royal Mail International. For more information, please see the delivery page.